“I absolutely would recommend this to any community that is having parking issues. It has really allowed us to free up unnecessary time with resolving parking, and ultimately generates income for our community.”

-Donata Roberts, Assistant Property Manager
ZRS Management

” We’ve been able to manage who lives in every apartments, to control cars that don’t look good on our property, so it helps our curb appeal. The program online is very user friendly.”

-Farrah Pasquet, Property Manager
CFH Group

“When we first started the program we generated, within the first 3-6 months, $12,000 in revenues from applications alone.”

“Based on the amount of guest registrations, we were able to identify a large amount of unauthorized occupants.”

-Evelyn Herron, Property Manager
First Service Residential

“Now we really know who’s onsite, who’s on the property and who could be effecting the other neighbors. It’s been a wonderful thing all around.”

-Tracey Schnaitman, Owner
VIP Property Management